China Continues to Invest in Iraqi Oil

Oil production is set to increase 70% to 170,000 barrels per day by the end of 2011. The extra barrels will come from the Halfaya oil field. A Chinese led consortium has won the licenses to drill new wells in Halfaya. The extra production in oil further supports Iraq’s aggressive pursuit of its oil trade and its deft execution. Iraq is in position to reap in huge profits in the near future as the dozens of contracts and licenses it has sold begin to materialize.

China has been making huge bets in Iraqi oil to quench its thirst for energy. China is growing at a rapid pace and it is pushing hard to fuel its growth with Iraqi oil. China has multiple oil contracts with Iraq and it is looking to become a strategic trade partner as Iraq has many construction and infrastructure projects that Chinese companies are bidding on. China was one of the first countries to express confidence in Iraq’s economic potential by investing early and investing large in Iraqi oil contracts.

The large amount of trade between Iraq and China bodes well for dinar as the dinar and yuan must be interchanged frequently. With China as a major trade partner, perhaps the dinar and yuan will become a currency pair traded on the public foreign exchanges. This is a little far off in the future, but it could be a possibility. As the dinar is publicly traded, the true value of the dinar will be reflected through the market forces that are not present in the private market. Overall, China’s vote of confidence in Iraq is a big step toward Iraq become a major player in the global economy.

Grants From the Government To Start Or Expand Your Business

Most people never apply for a FREE GRANT because they somehow feel it isn’t for them, feel there’s too much red-tape, or simply don’t know who to contact. The fact is, however, that people from all walks of life do receive FREE GRANT MONEY and other benefits from the government, and you should also.

With an economy that remains unpredictable, and a need for even greater economic development on all fronts, the federal government is more willing than it ever has been before to give you the money you need to own your own business and become your own boss! In spite of the perception that people should not look to the government for help, the great government give-away programs have remained so incredibly huge that if each of the approximately 8 million businesses applied for an equal share, they would each receive over $70,000.

Anyone thinking about going into business for themselves, or wanting to expand an existing business should rush for the world’s largest “one-stop-money-shop” where FREE MONEY to start or expand a business is being held for you by the Federal Government. It sounds absolutely incredible that people living right here in the United States of America wouldn’t know that each year the world’s largest source of free business help delivers: over $30 billion dollars in free grants and low-interest loans; over one-half trillion dollars in procurement contracts; and over $32 billion dollars in FREE consulting and research grants.


As with all grant seeking, the key to obtaining grants is preparation and knowledge about funding sources. Preparation means identifying programs that are available, and then determining if you fall within their restrictions. The following sources will be invaluable to you in locating thousands of sources of FREE MONEY!

There simply is too many facilities and Government organizations around to even begin listing all that are available from the federal and state governments. It is clear however, that the general types of programs that are available and where to begin are easy enough to find if you are keen enough.

As you contact different agencies for grant money, learn not to accept “no” as a final answer. There are so many new programs being offered each year that often an agency’s own employees won’t be aware they are offering the one you ask about.

A state may raise money through industrial revenue bonds to buy your fixed-asset equipment. The public, which invests in these bonds, do not pay taxes on the earned interest.

It just means finding out where the agencies are within your own states and local governments. The contacts you want to make may only be minutes away.

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For Powerful Network Marketing MLM Home Business Training, Mastering the Fundamentals is the Key

Developing mastery in network marketing MLM home business takes discipline.

While you may be able to massively recruit a bunch of new people into your business, they will not stay for long if they are not trained properly. And remember, their training and their success will ultimately determine YOUR SUCCESS – or failure. We encourage you to take an active role.

The Prescription for network marketing MLM home business success.

The solution is to provide a fun and memorable training experience. The more you engage your downline in the training the more the information will automatically sink into their memory. You will begin to notice how their new skills will naturally manifest into their real business.

The training you offer your network marketing MLM home business prospects and downline should be based on the 5 fundamentals of success.

Customer Acquisition
Imperative to any organization to survive…getting customers is the lifeblood of your business. Developing this skill into mastery is the only way to guarantee long term residual MLM income.

Attracting others into the business who also get customers is the key fundamental skill that offers you leverage to exponentially grow your customer base.

Team Building
As the old adage goes TEAM stands for, Together Everyone Achieves More. This is the category of the Game where you earn the most rewards in the shortest period of time, and there is a good reason for this. It is crucial to the growth of your business to invest your valued energy and time to teach your downline the fundamentals for success.

Since everything you do will duplicate, leading by example is a fundamental skill that is imperative to your success.

Personal Growth
Above and beyond any skill you develop, your personal growth and commitment to ongoing education will enhance and solidify every new skill you develop and every habit you refine.

When you create your network marketing MLM home business training be sure to include these 5 fundamentals to allow your prospects and downline to get the most out of your training.

If you do not have the ability to create your own network marketing MLM home business training curriculum you can use MLM The Game, and add your own training materials to it.