Invest In Pure Water Products To Remove Drinking Water Contamination

You may have never actually given it much thought, but it would be a good idea for you to invest in pure water products to remove drinking water contamination in your home. You might not have even realized that you had a serious problem with contaminants in your water, but I guarantee that if you were to test your water you would find an assortment of contaminants present.

We would all like to think that the water we are being supplied is safe for us to drink, whether it comes from a treatment facility or we are drawing our water from a private well. The truth is that neither of these sources is safe from contamination. The groundwater system is simply teeming with chemical, pharmaceutical, and microbial contaminants, and there are toxic heavy metals present.

People drawing well water generally don’t feel the need for pure water products, because they live outside industrialized areas. What they don’t realize is that contamination from leaking septic tanks, farm runoff, and even landfill sites miles away can affect the quality of their water. One never knows what hazardous substances have managed to infiltrate their well water.

Those of us that pay for a water authority to supply us with clean drinking water would like to think that we are receiving mostly purified water, but this is not the case. The water treatment facilities do very little to cleanse your water. Generally, all they do is remove noticeable particulates from the water, treat to reduce discoloration, and add a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria and parasites.

The fact is that these facilities cannot even eliminate all of the parasites present in your water, as there are some parasites called cysts that are resistant to chloramine disinfection. On that note, I should mention that the chlorine and other chloramines that are used to disinfect your water are carcinogens. Some people invest in pure water products simply to reduce the risk posed by these disinfectant chemicals alone.

Of course, chloramines are not the only cancer causing chemicals present in the drinking water system. There are 2,100 carcinogenic chemicals present in our groundwater system in all, and more than 70,000 toxic substances have been identified. These substances become diluted to the point where they are of a lighter molecular weight than water, so it is impossible for them to be filtered out using the tools the water treatment facilities currently have.

Bottled drinking water is not a viable alternative to installing pure water products in your home, as bottled water products are actually allowed to have higher levels of contaminants than public drinking water is. More often than not you are purchasing bottled tap water when you buy these products. This water has simply been filtered to improve taste, and reduce odor.

The only way to guarantee the purity of your drinking water is to install pure water products featuring activated granular carbon, a sub micron filter, and ion exchange on your tap at home.

This will reduce your contaminant levels by up to 99.99%, which is as close to perfect as is scientifically possible at this point.

It is time for you to give water purity some very serious thought.

Why Effective Business Systems Are Critical to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often intimidated by systems but, in reality, they should welcome them. The right systems will improve your business operations by leaps and bounds. Effective business systems are critical to entrepreneurial success.

To start creating effective systems for your business you need to be able to understand and document the activities of your business. Doing this will provide clarity about each activity.

It allows you to objectively reflect on what you do and identify how you can:

~ Eliminate time wastage,

~ Improve productivity,

~ Make your processes more efficient,

~ Add value to what you already do, and

~ Scale what you do through outsourcing.

Sometimes the reason why individuals do not achieve satisfactory results through outsourcing is because they do not provide clear enough instructions as to what exactly they want done. And, as Internet Marketing Expert, Willie Crawford says:

“How can you tell anyone what to do if you don’t know what you’re doing yourself?”

Many entrepreneurs start out as a one-man show but you can’t effectively grow you business like this. When Rich Schefren included a diagram of just what it looked like to be running a business as a one-man show hundreds of entrepreneurs got an acute wake-up call. The one-man show scenario is not a sustainable business model.

Processes and systems help you clarify and map out your business activities so that you can recognize what you should be doing as well as what shouldn’t be doing. When you have effective systems in place you can see exactly how your time is being spent. You can then focus just on the tasks which you are genuinely good at doing – your strengths – for which you receive the best return on your investment of time. You can focus on tasks such as:

~ Content building,

~ Product creation,

~ Evaluating marketing campaigns, and

~ Improving marketing campaigns.

Instead, some business owners are too busy doing things such as answering emails and dealing with customer service. These are examples of tasks that you can easily outsource.

With the introduction of systems in your business you also allow for more critical thinking time. This will allow you to be less reactive and more proactive. And when you’re more proactive, when you’re leading the way instead of continually fire fighting and responding haphazardly to various situations as they arise you’ll have more control over the destiny of your business and you’ll feel less stress.

Some entrepreneurs and business owners delay creating systems for their business because they think that their business is not big enough. Ideally you should be developing systems for your business and growing it at the same time.

The thing is that is that while it is never too early to start creating systems for your business it can be too late. Many businesses have failed because of they lacked the right systems so don’t fall into this trap.

Remember, systems are essential for the long-term sustainability and scalability of your business.

Network Marketing – Home Based Business Tax Tips

My goal in this article is to help you identify your legitimate business deductions, so you will be able to put your accountant in a position to help you.


All the numbers on your tax return are your responsibility. You create the numbers, not your accountant. You are required to have adequate support for your tax return. Don’t believe this myth “My accountant takes care of my taxes”. The fact is your accountant depends on you for the numbers and information.If you give your accountant well organized records, you help your accountant to become more aggressive with your deductions, and he or she can save you money and probably charge you less to prepare your return because less time will be needed to get the return prepared.

Small Business:

Your Network Marketing business or Home Based business is treated by the IRS as a small business. You may be working from home, but you are still adding significantly to the economy. Think about all those business expenses. The computers, the office furniture, the telephone line, books, training CDs, ECT. Generally you are allowed to deduct all ordinary and necessary business expenses. The deduction depends on your ability to prove a profit motive.

IRS Statement:

You must maintain records that support accurate tax returns. The records must be permanent, accurate and complete.
Aside from all the permanent records you are used to keeping from previous tax returns, I suggest a daily diary. That can be a simple appointment book where you write things down. The smaller the business the more important your diary will become.

Business or Hobby:

Now before we get into the deductions you may be entitled to. Let’s make sure you are running your business like a business, not a hobby. If the IRS considers your business a hobby you will not be entitled to business deductions. This is very important. A hobby is something you do perhaps once a week and have no expectation of making a profit. A business is something you do at least four days a week and have a clear profit motive.

Here are a few things you can do to assure your business is treated as a small business by the IRS.

1. Check book

Keep a separate business checkbook. I suggest the two part checks, this way you always have a copy.

2. Business Credit Card:

Use a business credit card. This will help keep your record keeping burden to a minimum. If you don’t have a business credit card get one. In the mean time dedicate one of your personal credit cards just to be used for business and nothing else. With a business credit card you can deduct the finance charges as well as the annual fee if the card is used solely for business. It is very important not to co-mingle business and personal expenses.

3. Business Card:

Get yourself a Business Card. I have a few suggestions here so please bare with me. A business card is a tax deductible expense; it is a direct representation of you! Please spend a little money on a good quality card, make sure it has your name and company name, perhaps a logo, phone numbers and email address, and lastly and this is my personal opinion your home address. If you work from home and want to claim a home office deduction, and you should (they are worth a lot of money in your pocket) put your home address on it. There is nothing to be afraid of. After all you the person giving the card to people you want in your business. If someone gives me a card with a post office box number on it I tend to be a little less trusting, but might just be me.

4. Business Plan:

This is very important; a business plan sets you apart from those people who get into a business to see what happens. A business plan says I here to make a profit and I know it will take some time and planning. It can be a simple plan or an elaborate plan. Don’t panic I’ll make it simple and you can dress it up if you like? If you are in a business just answer these questions. How do you expect to make money? What are you going to do to prepare yourself to be profitable? When do you expect to see a profit?

5. Example of a very simple business plan:
On a piece of paper write your name, address, and date. On date I started a home based business that I will operate from my home at– The name of the business is (this can be your name as a DBA). My initial investment to begin this business was $________ and I pay $______monthly to remain in good standing with _________. I plan on training for thirty days. I have a $__________ advertizing budget. I have set aside $_________ for miscellaneous expenses. (Now you can state your goals) I plan on making my first sale by “date”. After 90 days I plan on making $______ per month. After six months I will be earning $_______ per month. After earning $_____per month for three months I plan on quitting my job at the bank and doing my home based business full time.
In this little statement you have made it clear you plan on being profitable. You consider this to be a real business and you are in it for the long term. Put it in a niece folder, be proud of it, and read it often.

To Your Success

Bill Morgan