Persistence And Perseverance In Your Online Business

Most often, a lot of people start their on line businesses with the intention of making quick money in a very short while. Most folks want to buy their dream car just after two or three months of having started their on-line business. And when this does not happen soon as expected, frustration sets in and before you say Jack, the person joins the league of “those who were once into on-line business”.

Because of the way most marketers of Internet moneymaking models present their information, most people see the moneymaking opportunities in the Internet as a get-rich-quick scheme. And that basically explains the mindset of most newbies in the Industry.

But let me ask: how many off-line businesses have the potential of getting stabilized in their first six months of operation? In fact, how many are strong enough in their first one year to give you the freedom to choose what luxuries you want to acquire with the returns your investment generated for you? In my opinion, the answer to the above two questions is the same: a very negligible FEW.

Why then should we expect some kind of magic from our on-line businesses? There is nothing wrong with a person going into a business with a positive mental attitude. Yes, it is good to expect good things from life. In fact for me, I demand, not just expect, good things from life. But that does not accommodate the idea of seeing a business you intend to build over time in the light of converting you to a millionaire in two months. The problem with that mentality is in its ability to cause you to stop putting in efforts because of the feeling that it does not worth all the effort; it does not give the volume of money you had expected before going into it.

Whether you are starting your internet business for the first time or you are an experienced internet marketer, the need to give your business some time to grow before giving you so much in returns should mean something fundamental to you. Gone are the days when the teaching was just “think big”. Today, reality has thought men to know and teach the right thing, which is, “keep the big picture in mind, but start with baby steps and grow it from there!” I’m a strong believer in taking baby steps.

Persistence is more important in your on-line business than in any off-line business.
Now let’s face it: If you start up a restaurant or a grocery store now, chances are that you will make some sale before the end of the first week of your commencement Yes, whether your site is in a largely populated area or not is not the issue. You most likely will make a sale. But it’s not the same with an online business. It takes a minimum of a month to make your first sale in most on-line businesses. And that is because, at the beginning, you will need to put in so much work without really getting so much in return. But once your business takes off, it has taken off and before long, you will see yourself doing less and less to earn more and more. I think I will prefer that to where I will need to take off immediately and start earning in trickles, and yet many months later I will still be earning the same, or at the same rate. Though that is my personal opinion. But it’s also an opinion formed from a personal experience.

From Ekeke Chinedu

Real Estate Investing – How to Flip Houses for Quick Cash

Have you seen the show flip this house? What they do is buy and property for pennies on the dollar, fix the property up and then resell the house and make 20 thousand or more. This is a great strategy if you have the money and don’t mind waiting around 3 months to get your property sold. I want to talk to you today about a strategy where you can make five thousand or more in less than 30 days and more importantly with less than 8 hours of work.

So what is the magical strategy? If you guessed wholesaling real estate than you are correct. Wholesaling houses is the best house flipping method around and the quickest method to produce cash in real estate investing. The best part is that you can do this with little or no money of your own.

So how do you wholesale or flip houses for quick cash?

1) Find a cheap house

With the current state of the economy and real estate market this is no shortage of motivated sellers out there. A seller can be motivated because of financial troubles, foreclosure, bad tenants, inherited an unwanted property, divorce and so on.

What I do is send all of these people a letter telling them how I can possibly help them. You can also find endless leads online with a nice fully optimized web site.

2) Negotiate and sign a contract

Because motivated sellers just want to sell fast and put their problems behind then, you really have lots of room to negotiate if there is equity in a deal.

Once you have negotiated a price, ran some numbers to make sure the property is a good deal you can put the property under contract. Contracts are very simple to fill out but can be confusing at first. Ask a local realtor to show you how to fill one out.

3) Find you Investor Buyer

When dealing with investors you want to work with cash buyers. Cash buyers are investors who can close on a wholesale deal with cash, and not have to go to the bank and get a loan. Closing on real estate with all cash makes the process run a lot smoother and goes quickly.

Where do you find cash buyers? Check your local real estate investors association, foreclosure auctions and networking events.

Believe me there and more cash buyers out there than you think, you just need to find them.

4) Assign you Contract

Once you have found a cash buyer you will want to assign your contract to this buyer. All you need to do is have an assignment form, fill out the form, put in your wholesale fee, and then sign it.

An assignment of contract simply assigns your right to buy the property to someone else and then you are not liable for the property.

5) Start your title work

Some people say that you should start the title work right when you put the house under contract but I like to have a buyer first, that way to can take the contract, assignment and everything to the title company together. And because you will not always find a buyer for every deal you will sometimes have to cancel your contract. If you have started title work you may have to pay for what they have done.

The title company will do everything that needs to be done from this point on, they will set up the closing and make sure the funds are in place.

6) Collect your Check

All you do now is sit back and wait for your check. Wholesaling real estate is not as hard as you thought. Sometimes you will want to check in with your buyer and seller to make sure everyone is happy.

What else should you know about flipping houses?

Flipping houses is not as hard as you would think; all it takes is a little bit of time to educate yourself and to market your business. Right now wholesaling real estate is the best house flipping strategy to use.

Five Reasons the Economy is Fantastic For Small Business

1. Corporate Downsizing by large multi-national companies. If you are a small company, this is the best time to pursue talent within your industry who have great contacts, experience, and competitive intelligence. Many well networked professionals who may have been unaffordable in the past are now looking beyond the corporate giants to entrepreneurial small businesses. Those with decent severance packages in hand can justify taking a salary cut and investing in your company’s growth plan and potential.

2. Large companies reducing staff run the risk of diminishing service quality to their clients. Reduced staff and fewer resources could mean that existing clients accustomed to premium service might be disappointed to learn that the representatives whom they always dealt with are gone. It’s a great time to pursue these clients who might now consider moving their business to your small business and deal directly with the owner.

3. Public support. In this era of corporate bailouts, outlandish corporate salaries and rollercoaster stock dips, the strength of small business and a customer’s access to the actual business owner is comforting to the public and consumer market. The public has far more trust in the mom and pop shop businesses than the corporate giants responsible for the plummeting stock market.

4. Small business is nimble and reactive. Corporate giants have thrown down their anchors in their attempts to ride the economic storm. Millions of “No More Spending Memos” have been sent across North America, corporate layoffs, salary rollback, no more travel, no more client lunches, dinners etc… Large corporations are making it harder for their sales staff to close new business. Small business can strategically target key clients traditionally held by the corporate giants. Small business can react and create innovative approaches, incentivise their sales reps to travel the red-eye and take advantage of every opportunity available to close new deals.

5. Global Thinking. Small business can initiate and launch into new markets, globally, where consumer markets want or need their products. Large corporations require significant re-structuring, re-tooling and significant capital to pursue new markets. Small business can decide tomorrow if they want to expand globally. No red tape required, small business comes with the freedom to hire an agent or a representative in China or India to sell their products via agent agreement and become international overnight.

So let the newspapers continue to grow their businesses and sell newspapers with negative stories of rampant layoffs, restructurings, large business contract cancellations and the decline of the corporate giants. It is all good news for small business.