A Fortunate Discovery – My Introduction to Turnkey Internet Business Systems

I entered the home based business industry through a traditional MLM in the health and wellness niche. After a rapid start enrolling nearly 30 friends and family in my first 45 days I began to deal with the same challenge most networkers face – a lack of duplication. I was new to the industry and I started asking other networkers exactly how they overcome the challenge of creating duplication. I was amazed to discover that many networkers accept this as just part of being in the business and really had no advice on how to get my team to duplicate. Many of these networkers adopted the posture that this is just a numbers game believing some will, some won’t, so what and move on was their motto. This was not acceptable to me.

Fortunately I met an online marketing coach through a social network who taught me how to market and recruit online, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me and my business. I learned about the importance of utilizing a marketing funnel and I learned how to earn money everyday by using funded proposals. I learned the value of having multiple income streams inside of my funnel such as affiliate programs, business building tools, training resources, small ticket programs, a medium ticket traditional MLM for long-term residual income and a big ticket direct sales program for large paydays and rapid wealth creation. I spent months and invested thousands of dollars in my education learning from many of the best marketers online, which lead me to discover turnkey business models.

So what are turnkey business models? Think of a business model much like a franchise opportunity in a number of niches. Turnkey business models include the actual products or services, training, sales tools, technology, and in a couple exceptional cases, personal business assistants to help you close your sales.

The opportunities to make money on line are boundless, which can often lead to confusion and information overload when evaluating options for starting a business on line. Unlike the offline world, the idea of creating a business on line from scratch is a challenge because of the complexity of putting all of the correct pieces together in a manner that results in traffic, conversions and sales. For this reason finding a system where experienced professional have built a turnkey system make more sense for most people seeking online success.

In summary, I encourage you to find a a true turnkey system that can provide a clear path to create wealth online to anyone willing to apply the strategies that are taught and effectively drive traffic to the system. In my opinion YourNet Biz and Worldprofit are the two best business model of this type – information marketing and training niche within Internet marketing.